Monday, June 28, 2010


Hello, hope you are all having fun today where ever you might be in the world, I have managed to start selling my lovely little card creations to a beautiful shop called Aloha Lucy If you are ever up in the Mt Tambourine area of the Gold Coast, be sure to pop in to this gorgeous shop, it's so deliciously girly, and as you walk into the boutique shop your senses come alive with the most beautiful fragrances that are placed throughout this gift shop, as you lay your eyes onto delicious merchandise, I'm talking about little treasures here & there that simply isn't in all your every day shops... This shop is the kind of place where woman love to go, but don't want to leave! One of the nicest things about the Aloha Lucy shop, is that it is set in the tranquil surroundings of Mt Tambourine, the drive up the mountain to this divine shop is enough to tell you that you are driving to somewhere very special.

Anyway... on to my cards, at the moment you will find the following cards at Aloha Lucy, but you will need to get in quick if you like them, they are limited editions and not likely to stay on the shelf for very long.

For you; pretty card with butterfly background, available at Aloha Lucy
The photo does no justice on this card: available at Aloha Lucy
up close this card is brighter than photo
Thinking of you; rustic & delicate, available at Aloha Lucy
Thinking of you; delicate & pretty, Available at Aloha Lucy
Thank you; this is such a cute card also available at Aloha Lucy
Love & Hugs; this is such an exquisite and pretty card, available at Aloha Lucy
With Love
There are a few others at Aloha Lucy for you to look at, but you will have to go and look :)
Thank you for checking out my blog today, I hope you enjoy your time at Aloha Lucy, check out the websites if you can't make it through the following links: 
Facebook Aloha Lucy:

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