Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Brisbane Craft Show 2012

Hi There everyone,

I have been really busy lately,  However, I have recently been to the Brisbane Craft show which was fabulous, I met Tim Holz which was worth every minute of watching him in his talented atmospheric creating to his hearts content.  That guy is such a speedy artist, and very organised!  Hmmm I think I learnt some things about myself and how I go about my own creations... my gosh, I have wasted time here and there by doing fiddly stuff that is simply not required!  Anyway, the Craft show was fabulous... I wish we had one more than once per year, but sadly that is not on my Husbands wish list! LOL  How about my new signature below?  I love it, I love butterflies, so this was a very fitting signature for me :)

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