Monday, May 24, 2010

10 Things About Me!

I have a very creative blog friend who gave me the Beautiful Blog Award, such a compliment I feel blessed to have received this, Thanks Tui :) I'll use Tui's blog of 10 things as a guideline for mine... Tui's blog 1. I Love most types of craft, it's my passion & purpose for a moment of peace, when all else around me can be chaotic. 2. My favourite colour... hmmmm I have too many favourite colours, first is Pink, but I also love purple, black, silver, gold, and lately I have started to like Green, my eye always goes to (Black & White) on home-ware type products. 3. I love all things that sparkle, diamonds glitter... you name it I probably love it! my Mother calls me the family Magpie. 4. When I do craft I always listen to music from my Ipod 5. I love to cook new and exciting recipes for my close friends and family to try. 6. Favoutire movie: Pretty Woman 7. Favourite Country: New Zealand, it's a beautiful place, I was born & raised there I will always be a kiwi by heart even though I now live in Australia, I love Australia too. 8. I love Shoes, handbags, jewelery, candles, all things girly 9. My Favourite people to spend time with in the world are my Husband & our lovely cat, my Mum & Dad, my husbands Dad & his wife, my brother & his family. Although I have many great friends whom I love dearly, My family always comes first. 10. I love to travel, my favourite part of travelling is when the plane takes off & I know I am going somewhere to relax.

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